The visit of the Presidium of Police of the Czech Republic


June 4, 2019


On the 4th of June 2019, high school and university students had the opportunity to look under the hands of the police at the operations center in Holešovice.

In the first period, the work of the police forces was presented by Lt. Col. Mgr. Zdenka Mašiko Durajová in the oval study room of the Police Presidium using camera recordings from a helicopter, which were taken during the intervention and persecution of the perpetrator. Furthermore, Capt. Bc. Miloslav Vajnar, DiS. introduced students to the work at the operations center, to which the students could ask questions about the work of the Police of the Czech Republic in the Police Presidium.

In the second period, the students looked into the premises of the operations center and saw what the daily work of the Police in action looks like. All student questions were then answered. There were those among the participants who are looking forward to being able to work for the police forces. We would also like to thank the Police of the Czech Republic for making the visit possible.